1. The Project in just one sentence

The "Tanzboden auf dem Tempelhofer Feld" is an initiative to build a permanent open-air dance floor in the park that is barrier-free accessible and available anytime for every dancer and every dance.

2. Making city...

...isn't always an easy task. After eight months of negotiations, we obtained all necessary permissions and insurance to build the dance floor! We are very thankful to all the individuals and institutions that made this possible.

3. A 25 square meters...

...wooden surface in an aluminum frame over a cushioned impact-absorbing layer. These are the components of the dance floor where we can dance safely for our shoes and our knees.

4. Tablao

Originally meaning floorboard in Spanish, "TABLAO" is also the name for locations where flamenco shows are performed, referring presumably to the wooden surface of the stage. "TABLAO" is the name we've chosen for the regular meetings of the Berlin flamenco scene in Tempelhof.

5. Flamenco street school

A big part of the Flamenco tradition has been transmitted from generation to generation. Nowadays, an even bigger part of it is the result of unending hours of study. In our "TABLAO", we put both together, sharing our knowledge with each other and helping newcomers to initiate in this art.

6. Institutional support + Crowdfunding

A third of the costs for the construction and the annual running expenses of the dance floor has been provided by the "Regionalkasse des Bezirksamtes Tempelhof-Schöneberg". The remaining part was collected from over 50 donations in a crowdfunding campaign.

This project is possible thanks to the work and generosity of many people.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of them!

Construction works
The original idea and the possible implementations to adapt the dancefloor for pop up events